Thursday, 14 June 2012

Places - Westminster Abbey - Great Britain - 2012

Another interesting place in London is Westminster Abbey and we had opportunity to go and see it. It is quite expensive £16/adult. However, as it is a historical place where even this days very important weddings take place it is place to go.
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Places - National Maritime Museum - Great Britain - 2012

National Maritime Museum is one of those places that everyone can go and visit as it is for free. It is really nice place and loads of interesting things are there. Their website offers other features so I would recommend to go and see.
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Transport - London's ferries - Great Britan - 2012

We had a brilliant trip on the rainy day in London by ferry. We were able to see all the sites from the water perspective in a warm, quite place.
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Cycling - The Great Southern Trial 42km - Ireland - 2012

The Great Southern Trial is the old railway track that was converted to pedestrians/cycling track. We used this opportunity to see how it is and did half of it from Newcastlewest to Abbeyfeale. We had a great time. However, there are quite a few gates that the bikes will need to be lift over.
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